My Restaurant Bucket List

I’m nothing if not a list maker.

So when I saw my friend’s restaurant bucket list on her blog, I knew I wanted to do something similar. There are so many great places around the country, and I needed a way to remember all of the ones that I’d like to visit someday.

This is neither an exhaustive list nor a final list of restaurants. Think of it more as my own personal wish list that I’ll add to as needed. I thought of writing out a little explanation about why these made the cut, but that just feels to tiring, so that will have to wait until after I try them and blog about it. Most of these have either been recommended by friends, or I’ve heard about them repeatedly from food-related publications.

Without further delay, here’s my restaurant bucket list…

  • Bern’s Steakhouse; Tampa, FL
  • The Barn at Blackberry Farm; Walland, TN
  • Cask & Larder; Winter Park, FL
  • Congress; Austin, TX
  • Denver Biscuit Company; Denver, CO
  • Emeril’s; New Orleans, LA
  • The Federal; Miami, FL
  • Franklin BBQ; Austin, TX
  • Girl and the Goat; Chicago, IL
  • High Cotton; Charleston, SC
  • Hominy Grill; Charleston, SC
  • Husk; Charleston, SC
  • Jiko, Animal Kingdom Lodge; Orlando, FL
  • Joe’s Stone Crab; Miami, FL
  • Luma on Park; Winter Park, FL
  • Mesa Grill; New York, NY
  • Old Spanish Sugar Mill; De Leon Springs, FL
  • Pizzaria Bianco, Phoenix, AZ
  • Prato; Winter Park, FL (Completed 4/13/2013)
  • Shake Shack; New York, NY
  • Spago; Los Angeles, CA
  • Victoria and Albert’s, Grand Floridian Resort; Orlando, FL

Have you been to any of these? If so, what did you think? Is it worth keeping on the list?

What restaurants should be on here that I haven’t listed? What are your recommendations? Who knows, perhaps we’ll make it to a few of these together…


5 thoughts on “My Restaurant Bucket List

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  2. We have a lot of the same places on our lists. Did you know that there is a Shake Shack in Miami? I’ve been working on putting my list into Evernote food and am hoping an api exists that I can float it onto my blog.

    • I had heard that. The rumor is that there’s one coming to the new/redeveloped Downtown Disney area. But I think I’d rather try one outside of Orlando. Let me know how it works with Evernote food. I’d love to figure out a solution like that.

      • Also on Shake Shack…there is one going in next to Trader Joe’s in Winter Park. No clue what it is but it looks like it’ll be open soon. Of course, it’s in Orlando so doesn’t fit your above desire, but for what it’s worth…

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