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I waited a long time to start a blog. I often felt as though I had nothing to say and no one to say it to. But one day I decided to change that.

While I still feel as though I’m writing to no one and everyone all at the same time, I realized that this blog, at least initially, is more for me and the discipline of writing and crafting thoughts and ideas. Any readers beyond my family and obligated circle of friends is a huge accomplishment in my opinion.

I can’t give you advice on how to be a good parent or how to knit a scarf, though I know people who can. Instead, I see this as a space to explore life and how we’re all navigating it, particularly as a post-college adult recognizing that “adulthood” today looks quite different than it did for my parents. That presents it’s own challenges and complexities, but its also a lot of fun. Hopefully we can find the fun in it together. Thanks for reading

P.S.–Read how I settled on the name “Prone to wander.”

About me

dustin-moodyI’m a third generation Floridian living and working in Orlando, Fla. I graduated from the University of Florida, the best college around, with my Political Science degree with former (and possibly future) dreams to work in politics. That hasn’t happened yet. Instead, I currently work in marketing and communications for a global nonprofit ministry.

I rarely avoid an opportunity to travel, taste good food, or spend time with friends. And I love when all three of those things get to happen at once. When I’m not daydreaming about skiing down a mountain or climbing up one, I’m usually cooking up something new to eat or devising some plan for a project. And now I’m hoping to share all of those things here.

Let’s get coffee and hang out sometime.

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