Prone to dream: Living the life I lied about

On the way back from the memorial service for my friend, Elise, I asked a friend what he and his wife were up to the following week. He jokingly invited me to a party he was having for another friend who I didn’t know. We laughed at the prospect of making up a story about my life and my past since the only people I would know at said party would be him and his wife.


My mind started racing with all the things I could dream up about this fantasy persona…

I would charm the crowds with stories of travel and visiting friends all over the world, because I crave those familiar connections.

I would tell all about the amazing volunteer and philanthropic opportunities I had been a part of because I want to be a person who practices selflessness and generosity.

I would have them salivating at all of the fantastic foods I had learned to cook, because cooking is an immensely creative outlet for someone who sits at a desk most of the day and it’s a valued act of hospitality to share food with others.

Then I thought to myself: “Am I living that life right now?”

If these are my passions, what am I doing to achieve them? Life is about the small daily choices, not the grandiose stories. The tall tales don’t happen unless our daily habits and actions point us in the direction we want to go.

If you could make up any story about yourself, what would it be? Is what you’re doing today–literally, in these next 24 hours–getting you one step closer to that?


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