Prone to create: When the mood strikes

Occasionally, I’ll get a burst of creativity where I’m compelled to produce something: painting, cooking, attempting to plant something, etc. I call it a “burst” because it’s definitely not the norm for me. I default to more of an analytical/left brain dominance, though this isn’t always the case.

When the mood strikes, I know I’m either going to bust my budget on craft supplies, lose out on sleep, or both. The abject proliferation of Pinterest has not helped matters. Yes, I’m a straight guy who does not mind using and perusing Pinterest or admitting to doing so. I’m actually quite good at it–you’ll love my pin boards.

I had two projects in mind a few months ago when I succumbed to one of these phases. When I could no longer ignore the weekly Michael’s coupons or the incessant pinning, I set off for Goodwill in search of raw materials.

Goodwill findsI was thrilled to find a dated though not-completely-hideous print that would work great for both ideas.

First, I wanted to create a magnetic chalkboard for my office. Curiously, this room is the one that has had the most “work” done on it, but it’s likely the place I spend the least amount of my time. (See previous projects here and here.)

orange chalkboardI removed the canvas from the frame and painted it an appropriate shade of orange, since there are hideous versions of this glorious color that would make the project all wrong (e.g. U. of Tennessee and Texas Longhorns). I attached some sheet metal to some thin plywood backing, painted it with chalkboard spray paint, put it all together and hung it on the wall, but not before applying some finishing touches of encouragement to go along with my race bibs.

St. Augustine quoteOnce that was completed, I set out to use the canvas/artwork, now that the frame was gone. I had a quote in mind that I wanted to use, so I bought some scrapbook letters, drew out some grid lines, and arranged the letters into words for the quote. I applied some white spray paint, waited (impatiently) for the paint to dry, then removed the letters, revealing the quote through the original art.

(In case the quote is hard to read in the photo, it says “If these are the beauties afforded to sinful men, what does God have in store for those who love him?” -St. Augustine)

I put this second piece downstairs, and I absolutely love it. I’ve always appreciated good quotes and Bible verses, but I like them the best where I can actually see them regularly–on a wall, in a journal, etc.

So there you have it: a few of my latest creative endeavors. What have you been creating lately? Is creativity more of the exception or the rule for you? What projects have you been particularly proud of recently? What’s coming up on your “creativity agenda”? Let’s hear it in the comments.


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