Prone to explore: Fort Worth Stockyards

Weekends are for Wandering: Fort Worth StockyardsHave I mentioned that many of my friends have the audacity to move away?

In spite of that, I’ve had the good fortune of getting to combine work travel with friend visits over the past few years. I certainly won’t complain about the travel, but I will say that traveling for work is not quite as glamorous as expected when I was a bright-eyed college student looking for jobs. It’s great to get out of the office, but meetings, rental cars, and fast food aren’t the stuff of which dreams are made.

But it’s such a blessing when I get to visit friends in a city where I’m going for work! That’s what happened a few weeks ago when I made a stop in Dallas for the book tour we’ve been working on.

Trevor and Sarah are among my favorite people, and I adore their three little girls. We worked together for several years when they lived in Orlando, and they were my piano teachers for a while. You can read a little more about that glorious scenario here, where our friend Jennifer and I would take over food on Tuesdays in exchange for learning piano. It was a beautiful arrangement all around. Jennifer and her husband, Cheddy, just moved south Asia. See a pattern here?

A few years ago Trevor and Sarah and their girls moved to Dallas, and I’ve been lucky to see them a few times since then. I was thrilled that the trip back in March worked out, because they’re preparing to move to Brazil this summer. (Story of my life…) Between the schedule of meetings, speaking events with my authors, a radio interview, an evening with donors, church on Sunday and flying out shortly after that, I had an all-too-brief window on Saturday morning for some good quality time.

Having visited Dallas on several occasions over the past few years, I always heard about the Fort Worth Stockyards and thought it sounded incredibly intriguing, though I may have sold the idea that weekend primarily as something that would be fun for the girls. There’s a chance I brought my boots with me on this trip for the sole purpose of wearing them like a real cowboy to the Stockyards. A boy can dream…

We checked out the website and read all about the barn maze, petting zoo (for the girls, of course), cowboy shoot-out show, a museum, and several other things that sounded like they were just a step above a tourist trap. Nevertheless, the prospects of taking in Texas-sized culture with one of my favorite families and seeing livestock surpassed any reservations we might have had. And we needed to get there before 11am so we could watch the cattle drive.


I was more excited than Annie Oakley after winning a shoot out. The cattle drive elicited grand visions of cowboys and ropers leading a stampede of Texas Longhorns down the avenue and into the stockyards, the earth rumbling beneath the weight of clamoring hoofs. I was even willing to take a flesh wound from a passing steer if it would have made a good story.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The actual “cattle drive” wasn’t quite like that.

Though still exciting, these cows were seasoned pros. They likely held union contracts that prevented them from moving at any pace faster than a light stroll. But the ranch hands made it fun with shouts and whips, and their walk around the block (not exactly racing down the avenue) gave Sarah the chance to explain bovine biology when her daughter asked “What’s that on the ground?”

We walked up and down the street to see the sights after the cattle meander (since I really can’t call it a “drive” with a clean conscience). The Stockyards was a great way to spend the morning, even if the main attraction was a little less exciting than I had built it up in my head. While we decided to pass on the maze and the petting zoo, we had a great time seeing a little slice of Texas culture. We finished the day with a stop at In-n-Out Burger and the world’s most epic and disappointing search for donuts, but that story will have to wait.

What about you? What’s the most exciting “touristy” thing you’ve done recently? What’s your go-to recommendation from a place you’ve visited or a place you lived?

P.S.–Most of the “Weekends are for Wandering” post will be from central Florida, but I included this one in case you ever make it to the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The Stockyards are a lot of fun, and there’s plenty to do if you’re up for it.


6 thoughts on “Prone to explore: Fort Worth Stockyards

  1. Sorry, but I blocked everything else out of this post when I saw that THERE IS AN IN-N-OUT IN DALLAS? What!? Where were they when I was traveling through Dallas frequently?

    • It’s a recent development, Chris. Though the one we stopped at wasn’t far from the center or TSC.

  2. Love it!! We loved having you here, Dustin. Having you come visit has been a highlight of our time here in Dallas. Glad we were able to explore the Stockyards all together. Can’t believe we’ve been here over a year and never once explored the wonders of the Stockyards.

  3. Chris, I think I’ve seen at least 3 of them in Dallas now! And Dustin, I’m glad you finally admitted that seeing 9 longhorns stroll around the block at least wasn’t what you envisioned. But you did rock the boots. Sans spurs, mind you, but you were still the coolest one in our crew. Obvi.

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