And so it begins…

So I started a blog.

I’ve toss around the idea of a blog for a while. I even tested it out a few years ago with several posts about politics, but I never fully committed to the idea of blogging. I still haven’t, actually, but in a recent flurry of “hustle” as some of us like to call it made me realize that I needed something somewhere as an outlet. I’m not sure this is really it, but for now, it will have to do.

There are two main points I’ve always tried to stick to as a communicator in my day job: know your audience and know your message. As a budding blog writer, I know neither of those things, which makes me rather reluctant to initiate this endeavor. Ultimately, I don’t know who I’m communicating to–I’m just putting content out for the taking. So I’m going to treat this like I would treat a conversation with good friends, because if you’re one of the few who will actually find this blog, there’s a high probability that we’re actually friends in real life. As for content, I intend to do the same: write about things that I would talk about with friends. That gives me a great deal of latitude, and I can promise you I’ll use it. Because for now, my thoughts are as random as Flavor Flav’s clothing choices and love interests.

Thanks for reading this far, and feel free to stick around or stop back from time to time. I can’t make any promises yet, but I have high hopes for this little corner of the interwebs. I may regret those aspirations at some point.


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